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Adolescent·e·s, Internet et médias numériques
Switzerland, 2019-2020
Surís, Joan-Carles, Barrense-Dias, Yara
ID: 10.16909-dataset-30
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Future Alcohol Outcomes: Examining the Roles of Coping and Enhancement Drinking Motives among Young Men
Switzerland, 2010-2014
Grazioli, Véronique S, Gmel, Gerhard, Rougemont-Bücking, Ansgar, Baggio, Stéphanie, Daeppen, Jean-Bernard, Studer, Joseph
Baseline values, between and within subject variability of non-invasive biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress
Switzerland, 2019-2020
Guseva Canu, Irina, Hopf, Nancy
ID: DDI-Systematic-Review-biomarker-stress-V1
CoDiab-VD: Cohort of Patients with Diabetes in the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland)
Switzerland, 2011
Peytremann-Bridevaux, Isabelle
ID: DDI-CHE-QDiab-2017-V1
Detection and treatment of burnout by physicians of Unisanté
Switzerland, 2019-2020
Guseva-Canu, Irina
ID: 10.16909-DATASET-21
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