Organisational Collections

Department of Ambulatory Care (DDP)

The DDP conducts applied research in the following fields: screening, participatory medicine, health and gender

Department of epidemiology and health systems (DESS)

The DESS conducts applied research in the following fields : epidemiology, cohorts, registries and surveys, health systems and services, health economics, evaluation, social sciences and quantitative research, statistics and data management.

Department of family medicine (DMF)

The DMF conducts applied research into family medicine in the following fields: well-being of primary care professionals, appropriate use of antibiotics, new models of primary care, health and environment in family medicine, mental health in family medicine, surveillance in family medicine.

Department of Health Promotion and Prevention (DPSP)

The DPSP conducts applied research in the following fields: health promotion and prevention.

Department of occupational and environmental health (DSTE)

The DSTE conducts applied research into occupational and environmental health in the following fields: exposure sciences, environmental engineering, occupational medicine, human factors, epidemiology and digital and global health.

Department of Vulnerabilities and Social Medicine (DVMS)

The DVMS conducts applied research in the following fields: equity in care and social expertise.

Other organization

This collection present studies lead by other institutions, with the participation of one person affiliated to Unisanté