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Vertebral fractures after Denosumab discontinuation, A retrospective study of 797 cases
Switzerland, 2019
Burckhardt, Peter, Faouzi, Mohamed
ID: 10.16909-DATASET-24
TREXMO, Suva dataset
Switzerland, 2008-2012
VERNEZ, David, STEINLE, Patrick
ID: 10.16909-DATASET-32
Swiss Health Study – pilot phase (SHeS-pilot)
Switzerland, 2020-2021
BOCHUD, Murielle, ZWAHLEN, Marcel
ID: 10.16909-dataset-33
Swiss Health Professionals’ activities for Managing Occupational Burnout in their Patients: Results from a nationwide cross-sectional study, STOBS-VD survey
Switzerland, 2021
Guseva Canu, Irina, Getzmann, Roger, Shoman, Yara, Rota, Fulvia, Saillant, Stéphane, Von Känel, Roland, Cohidon, Christine, Lazor-Blanchet, Catherine, Rochat, Lysiane, Weissbrot, Rafaël, Droz, Nadia, Wahlen, Anny
ID: 10.16909-dataset-42
SWAN : Sex Workers ANswers, Les comportements face au VIH et autres IST des travailleuses et travailleurs du sexe en Suisse. Enquête SWAN 2016.
Switzerland, 2015-2016
Lociciro, Stéphanie, Ernst, Marie–Louise, Simonson, Thomas, Bize, Raphaël
Standardised brief geriatric evaluation versus routine care for preventing functional decline in general practice: a pragmatic cluster-randomised trial, AGE3
Switzerland, 2016-2020
Mueller, Yolanda, Schwarz, Joëlle, Monod, Stéphanie, Locatelli, Isabella, Senn, Nicolas
ID: 10.16909-DATASET-23
Sexual health and behavior of young people in Switzerland
Switzerland, 2017
SURÌS, Joan-Carles, BERCHTOLD, André, MORSELLI, Davide, LEENERS, Brigitte
ID: 10.16909-DATASET-27
Randomized controlled trial of an internet-based brief intervention targeting alcohol use: Primary and secondary prevention for young men in a general population sample
Switzerland, 2012-2013
Bertholet, Nicolas, Cunningham, John A., Faouzi, Mohamed, Gaume, Jacques, Gmel, Gerhard, Burnand, Bernard, Daeppen, Jean-Bernard
Programme cantonal de prévention des maladies transmissibles (PPMTMS) : Monitoring de la remise de matériel de consommation dans le canton de Vaud
Switzerland, 2004-2018
Stadelmann, Sophie, Lucia, Sonia, Arnaud, Sophie, Dubois-Arber, Françoise
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