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Association between long-term occupational exposure to PM10 and allergic diseases in subway workers
Switzerland, France, 2004-2019
Created on: Mar 04, 2024 Last modified: Mar 04, 2024 Views: 558
Bayesian latent class modelling to examine the diagnostic accuracy of the first hetero-assessment instrument for occupational burnout
Switzerland, Belgium, 2010-2019
Guseva Canu, Irina, Shoman, Yara
Created on: Feb 02, 2023 Last modified: Feb 06, 2023 Views: 1187
Detection and treatment of burnout by physicians of Unisanté
Switzerland, 2019-2020
Created on: Aug 19, 2020 Last modified: Mar 07, 2022 Views: 3871
NanoExplore – A pilot study to demonstrate the feasibility of a harmonized approach and validate a choice of biomarkers for exposure and health effects monitoring of nanomaterials in workplaces and urban areas.
Switzerland, Italy, Spain, 2020-2022
GUSEVA CANU, Irina, FITO, Carlos, BERGAMASCHI, Enrico, FRIESL, Judith, PROGIOU, Athena
Created on: Mar 08, 2022 Last modified: May 03, 2022 Views: 2368
PREGNANT WORKERS: Evolution of practices, evaluation of a specialised consultation and economic assessment of the application of protection, OProMa CPSLA
Switzerland, 2015-2021
Krief, Peggy, Probst, Isabelle (co-investigator)
Created on: Feb 05, 2024 Last modified: Feb 05, 2024 Views: 800
Swiss bus fleet inventory from 1940s through 2022 to track technological innovations and their impacts
Switzerland, 2021-2022
Created on: Mar 20, 2024 Last modified: Mar 20, 2024 Views: 566
Swiss Health Professionals’ activities for Managing Occupational Burnout in their Patients: Results from a nationwide cross-sectional study, STOBS-VD survey
Switzerland, 2021
Guseva Canu, Irina, Getzmann, Roger, Shoman, Yara, Rota, Fulvia, Saillant, Stéphane, Von Känel, Roland, Cohidon, Christine, Lazor-Blanchet, Catherine, Rochat, Lysiane, Weissbrot, Rafaël, Droz, Nadia, Wahlen, Anny
Created on: Jul 27, 2023 Last modified: Aug 07, 2023 Views: 957
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