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Bus drivers are an occupational group exposed to many hazards. However, little information on their exposure to physico-chemical hazards makes it impossible to study their impact on their poor health. To fill this gap, we created a bus-exposure matrix (BEM) by analogy with the job-exposure matrix (JEM), assuming that the bus corresponds to their workstation.

How to request data

Datasets are available under various modalities.

  • Anonymous data are available in Open Access under a Creative Common licence.
  • Coded, pseudonymized and deidentified data are available under restricted access. Most of them are regulated by the Human Research Act (HRA), therefore an approval of your project must be submitted to your cantonal ethics committee before requesting the data (HRO, chap. 3). Details are available on the study webpage.

To get access to data, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Create an account (LoginRegister)
  • Go to the Data Catalog and click on the study of interest
  • Once on the study page, click on the tab Data access
  • For open access datasets : accept the conditions and download the data
  • For restricted datasets : fill in the application form and submit.
Important: Before submitting a request, please check whether the data is at all useful for your project. The codebooks with the corresponding information are filed under Documentation and do not require registration.